Friday, August 8, 2008

Now That's A Sweet Tweet!

So Many of you know I am on Twitter and many Twitteraties know that Whole Foods is on Twitter as well. The cool thing about having company representation on Twitter is that we get an opportunity to interact and give feed back. Whole Foods has been doing this great little activity that they call Tweet Of The Day (TOTD). The person behind the whole foods Twitter account selects their favorite tweet that mentions whole foods and the person who sent the teet gets a $25.00 gift card. So today guess what.... I was today's TOTD! I received a direct message from whole foods telling me that I will recieve a $25.00 gift card so I can buy all the honey buns I want. Now that is one Sweet Tweet. Thanks Whole Foods. You Rock!

Where Have You Been All My Life?

I have just found one of the funniest Bloggers I have ever read. This woman has me laughing so hard I can barely get through her posts! You've just got to go read this stuff for your self. Allow me to introduce you to The Bloggess. Where has this woman been all my life?

Caution, there are a few bad words so if you are easily offended, it might be better for you to just stay here in your safe little cubby. I also follow her on Twitter, where she is just as funny but in 140 charectors or less.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Natural Landscaping

I read an article yesterday on the WOSU News site about two home owners in Upper Arlington who have chosen to use natural landscaping instead of the typical manicured lawn. I like the idea of using native plants and trees on your property to create color shade and interest. The added plus is that there is less mowing to do, if at all.

My property is in need of a lot of love and this is certainly the kind of love I would like to give it. I'm all for less time spent mowing the lawn and pulling weeds. The added benefit is that you will attract an interesting variety of birds and butterflies. I would love to have a conversation with these two home owners about their process for planning and acquiring trees and plants. I could use some pointers.

Have you put any native plants in your yard or garden? If so, let me know in the comments section. I'd like to hear about it.