Sunday, April 20, 2008


I had dinner at the home of my friend and fellow blogger Erin the other night. We have known each other for over twenty years now. Finding and reading Erin's blog, The Why Behind, was the thing that pushed me to begin my own blog. We had a nice simple meal of pasta and salad, eaten in the shade of her backyard patio. Erin has started a vegetable garden and some of her plants are starting to sprout up. She has a wonderful relaxing space that will make a great refuse from the heat this summer. The conversation we had lasted for hours and moved easily from work, marriage, divorce, relationships, kids, wants, desires, and anything else. Before I knew it, it was almost 11pm.

We hadn't kept up with each other to well over the years and I find myself sorry for my part in that. Erin is the kind of friend that you can be real with. The kind of person who will allow you to be open about your heart and mind, your fears and disappointments. Those friends are rare. During this time of unemployment, I have often found myself feeling isolated from others. Our individual priorities taking us in different directions. So how do we maintain relationships with friends and loved ones when life throws us curve balls that send us scattering into the weeds to seek them out and toss them back?

I think about the paths that each of us chooses to follow, sometimes not knowing that in taking that path, we may lose touch with friends we cherish. I realize that I probably haven't been that good of a friend to some people as I am guilty of allowing other things to get in the way. I have been graced with the opportunity of renewing this friendship with Erin and I hope that I remember this moment, this lesson, that if I want friends in my life, I need to make sure that I am a friend and pay attention to what needs to happen to maintain it. To nurture it the way Erin will be nurturing her garden this summer.


Erin said...

Hey Mary,
Very sweet post. I am glad that we reconnected too and I think friendship is like the garden- needing tending and attention and at times just enjoying the growth- having faith that good things will come.

It is often hard when we are in need of nurturing, to reach out to others. And, that is exactly what we need to do.

I enjoyed your company this weekend. I feel lucky to have spent time with you and I found the time easy and interesting. (We do lead very interesting lives!).

By the way, in hearing your stories of family vacations you inspired me in two ways: 1. I need to get out to the National Parks more and 2. I need to let my silly side out. You are a very good example of that. I find it difficult at times to just let loose. I have been better at it, but it does not always come naturally. Thank you for being a good example for me!

Merrycricket said...

You are sooo sweet! I feel like I am the lucky one. If you ever want to hear more stories about silly things, you know how to find me.

Yes it is difficult to ask nurturing and yet, that is really all we need to do isn't it?

Hope to see you soon! Much Love, Mary