Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I recently downloaded all the pictures from my digital camera. I had kept them on the camera thinking I would get to them eventually and yesterday was that day.

I'd like to share a few with you here, just because I feel like it.

These first 2 pictures are from Thanksgiving at the home of my son Vincent and his wife Teresa. My son sets a beautiful table and I just had to capture a picture of it. I like the simplicity of black, white and clear. It created a beautiful picture to behold.

You may be interested to know that the plates were stocked over time from flea markets and thrift stores. Originally sold as "open stock" here in the US, the pattern was discontinued years ago. A friend of mine and I scoured various places here in Columbus to help create this collection for the kids.

The silver, I found at an antique mall in South Charleston, Ohio as a wedding gift for them. Nice to see they are putting it to good use.

I had a great time with Vincent that day. One of the things we enjoy doing together is cooking and creating a lovely dinner like this will always be a special memory for me. I find that not having any great expectations for these types of gatherings enhances my enjoyment of the day, the food and the company. During dinner I remember thinking that this one one of the better Thanksgivings.

This next picture is from the Grounds of the Franklin Park Conservatory. I liked the mix of colors in this planting.

This is a picture of a flower on a fast growing vine that showed up on the bushes in front of my house this past summer.

I am told that it is called a passion flower and depending on which web site you find is considered an expensive flowering vine used in landscaping or a fast growing wildly invasive noxious weed. I can attest to the speed with which it grows and spreads.

It is a mystery to me as to where it came from or how it got here. There aren't any of these vines in my neighborhood. I can only assume a bird, squirrel or rabbit dropped the seeds after having ingested them. I have decided to keep the seed pods from the vines and cultivate the vines along my back fence next summer.

Here is a picture I took at the Cleveland Air Show over Labor Day weekend. I like planes.

I like the lines of planes, the shear ingenuity that goes into creating this huge piece of machinery that flies.

Finally, this picture is of the biggest spider I have ever seen outside of a zoo display. I tried to get photos of the web structure this big galoot created over night on my front lawn but my camera just isn't that great for those sort of pictures.

This guy was roughly the size of a half dollar when you include the leg span. The web was anchored to the front of my house, the gutter above and the rail fence that runs along the walkway to my front door. I think he/she was planning on catching a few small birds or even a human or two. :)

So that's all I have for you today. Hope you all are doing well. Stay happy and don't stop looking for the interesting things on ordinary days.

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