Friday, June 19, 2009

The Day-Glo Brothers

One of the bloggers I follow is Redneck Mother. Recently she announced on her blog that her husband, Chris Barton, wrote a children's book titled The Day-Glo Brothers. I wish my kids were still young enough to want one of these books because I think they would truly enjoy having a copy.

The book is the history of the two men who invented Day-Glo colors. I did not know how Day-Glo came about but it is a pretty big part of our every day life now. Day-Glo is pretty much the official color that attracts attention for safety, it's the chosen color from the 60's for black light posters and the color that many kids naturally gravitate to. The book is illustrated by Tony Persiani, a very talented artist with a rather impressive portfolio. Who wouldn't want a copy of that? Hmm, maybe I'll buy a copy just for me, cuz deep down inside I'm really still just a kid. A very geeky kid, but still a kid. Get a copy of the book for your kid.

Oh and add Redneck Mother to your google reader while you're at it.

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Casey said...

Thanks for the love! Glad to know other folks are as excited about the book as Chris and I are.