Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Morning of My Dreams Has Finally Come

It has finally come. The Morning of my dreams. Yesterday, history was made but today is what I have been waiting for. For years I have longed to wake up to a new day and a different future. Not for me but for my sons. Since they were small, I have worked to ensure that my sons be critical thinkers. To look beyond the rhetoric of campaign ads and to choose wisely.

I dreamed of a morning when our nation has an opportunity to heal the scars of racism. To move forward from hate and division. A future that includes possibilities for a cleaner environment, a partnership with the world for peace and a symbol of hope for the disenfranchised.

That morning is here and my sons were a part of making that happen. My sons had a voice in this election. My sons have a better hope for their own futures. My neighbors children have a better future ahead of them.

We had to work hard to get here, but the real work is just beginning. I look forward to the task in front of us. The results of this election prove that America is ready to take a giant leap forward. Change is going to happen at a speed that will make your head explode. But for today, this day, I will spend in quiet reflection and gratitude to all who worked so hard to make it happen.

One more thought: My proudest moment as a mother: Both of my sons voted for Barack!

Oh! and I am adding this because I want to remember it:

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