Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tell Me Thursday

Yesterday was my first Wordless Wednesday Post. It's easy to participate, just create a post on Wednesday's of a picture.

Tell Me Thursday is where we get to talk about our Wordless Wednesday Post.

So, here it is. Yesterday's picture is one of me (one the right) with my older brother Tommy on Christmas morning. I love this picture. It's classic 50's - 60's Christmas. One of the strongest memories I have from Christmas as a child are the mixed smells of plastic and pine. As the years moved on, my parents produced even more kids (6 in all) that really created a strong scent of plastic on Christmas morning what with all those toys.

I miss those oversized tree lights and the glow they created. I also miss the tinsel. I think the next time I have a tree, I'm going to go "Old School."

Oh, like the obligatory cowboy hat my brother is wearing?

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chele said...

I love your photo and the story! Thanks for participating in Tell Me Thursday. Looking forward to hearing more stories from you in the future!