Sunday, March 15, 2009

Remember S & H Green Stamps?

Are you old enough to remember S & H Green Stamps? All of the local grocery stores were giving them out when you bought food. A couple of gas stations were in on the deal as well and gave out Green Stamps when you purchased gas. That was way back when gas stations had attendees that pumped your gas, checked your oil and washed your windshield as part of the deal on a fill up.

When I was little, I remember my mother sitting me down with the green stamp catalog to pick out what I wanted for my birthday. I used to think of Green Stamps as birthday stamps. That was how my mother financed birthday presents for her kids. With six kids to feed, that meant a pretty expensive grocery bill, which meant a lot of Green Stamps, which meant a pretty decent birthday present.

So today is my birthday and I'm thinking I'd like another chance to perused the Green Stamp catalog to pick out my present. Imagine what that catalog might have if Green Stamps were still around today. Adult toys like ipods and mac books would be pretty cool. Maybe some blue tooth gadgets or even a big screen hi def TV?

I'd still stroll through the toys for little kids though, you never know what you might find.


Seth Simonds said...

Ooh, blast from the past! I'm afraid I'm just too young to remember something like Green stamps.

They could bring them back as a points system for buying environmentally-friendly products. Might work well, actually!

Erin said...

Happy Birthday Mary!!! I hope you have the best day ever!

Anonymous said...

Green Stamps are still redeemable.