Saturday, April 18, 2009

Espresso Yourself Music Cafe

This past Thursday night the Taste Casting crew was invited to the Espresso Yourself Music Cafe for a tasting and a sample of some Jazz as well as smoothies and a cappuccino.

I am back at Espresso Yourself tonight as I write this. Tonight I am listening to the rock of a young band called Barefoot Laundromat. The place is packed with friends of the band as well as parents. They obviously get a lot of support and all this is taking me back to the time when my oldest son was i a band during his high school years, but that's another story for another time.

Why have I come back here to write about my Taste Casting experience? Well to be completely honest, I couldn't get those sandwiches we tried out of my mind so I gave in and came back tonight. There is another reason as well. I really like this place a lot. I have missed these types of places where you could go and get a good cup of coffee, hang out and enjoy music or read.

This isn't Starbucks and I can't tell you how glad I am it's not!. Eric Ahlteen, the owner of Espresso Yourself created a very relaxing space with an eclectic collection of art by local artists for sale on the wall. There are book for sale here as well so you can't want for much if you would like to spend the day or evening here.

This is part of a large piece on the wall

This is a close up of some of the detail

The stained glass windows add a wonderful light and feel to the place as well. I was very impressed with how comfortable I felt here on Thursday and still feel that way tonight as well.

Tonight, I ordered the Blues-y Roast Beef sandwich tonight which is not one of the sandwiches we sampled on Thursday but every bit as good as the three we sampled that night.

If you would like to test how the atmosphere here makes you feel, take a drive up to Powell Ohio and check it out for your self. Let me know before you come. I might want to meet you here. By the way, the room just exploded into high energy as the band launched into Taking Care Of Business

Here is one more picture for you as the band starts to play Free Bird! No that's ambitious!

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