Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tell Me Thursday

Yesterday's Wordless Wednesday picture day was one I took in front of a house I used to live in. I had planted marigolds on either side of the steps leading up to our front door. After the first year, I let the flowers go to seed so that I wouldn't have to replant the following year. This little plant came up in the crack in front of the steps leading up to the front porch. It was right in the middle of the walkway. I was so impressed by it's ability to grow there, that I decided to leave it as a reminder to me of how resilient we all can be. To my amazement, no one ever disturbed it, or stepped on it. Not even the letter carrier came close. Not only that, another marigold plant grew in the crack the following year.


Alice (in BC Canada) said...

I love the photo and the story behind it. Plants are very resilient and do manage to grow places you'd least expect. A sign of Universal Abundance.

Tell Me Thursday said...

A pretty surprise! Thanks again for participating in TMT!